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 Furby History
-in 1998, the furby was discovered. They were very popular pets, but in just matter of a year or two, only the colorful ones were breed. putting other colors in extinction.
-in 2005, a sub-species of furby was discovered on a unknown island.
-The two furbies were breed together and created a new type of furby. People called him the Furby Party Rocker. FPR for short. This furby was different, because it was smaller, mutated, acted crazy, and was unable to reproduce.
- in 2012, furbies are almost neon colored (with the exception of black and white). Not only that, they are more intelligent. they also grew a tail.
-in 2013, scientist genetically mutated furbies to have patterns in they’re fur. these patterns varied from poke-a-pots to thunderbolts 


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